Smoked trout filled with lemon and vegetables on the grill

• 1-2 trouts
• few slices of lemon/lime
• salt
• little olive oil
• optionally, smoked wood pellets or chips

Ingredients for grilled vegetables
• peppers, pumpkin, onion and cherry tomatoes
• a little olive oil
Firstly, prepare the charcoal. The fire is perfect when the charcoal no longer burns with a flame, and is covered with grey ash. In order to cook indirectly, we will place the charcoal only on one side of the grill.
We apply a little olive oil to the vegetable rings and spice them up with V6BBQ Ecoplus. We place them on the grill, directly over the fire, for 1 to 2 minutes on each side. We then prepare the trout, by applying the spices, and filling it with the lemons and/or the limes.
Place the trout on the side that does not have fire underneath it, throw the pellets for the smoking in the fire and close the cover of the grill for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes we turn the trout carefully, keeping them in the same side of the grill. We close the cover and leave them for another 10 minutes.
We then serve immediately with vegetables and delicious V6BBQ Garlic sauce. Enjoy!