• 1 kg beef (Angus picanha and diaphragm)
• 1 V6BBQ Pastrami Rub
Fuchs’ V6BBQ Pastrami Rub is the ideal condiment for dry marinated beef, perfectly prepared.
We cut the diaphragm in order to fit on the grill, and the picanha into 3 cm slices.
Marinate the beef with V6BBQ Pastrami Rub and rub it very well. Sugar and salt help tenderize the meat and give flavor to it.
The marinating takes place once the condiment mixes act inside the meat, while it rests at a low temperature.
We wrap it in food foil and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours.
After the 24 hours, heat up the grill well. It is very important to have a high temperature. We place the beef on the grill. There are two options: rinsing the marinade off the beef, or leaving it there, depending on preference. It is important for the beef to be done well, turned on its sides often, in order for it to turn medium-rare.
Afterwards, we remove it from the grill and leave it for around 10 minutes to relax. By doing so, the meat will remain succulent, and this is the reason why the flavors are very intense, because they are in the meat’s juices.
We serve the beef either sliced or with a side of salad, depending on preferences.
With V6BBQ Pastrami Rub you can dry marinate the beef you will serve cold, or right off the grill. Enjoy!